our website has been UPDATED

our website has been UPDATED

Many new features have been added designed to help you  

The new site is fully operational and taking orders daily.


We will continue using the current format site as well
  • Some items may not yet be available on our new site
  • Some of our customers may be accustomed to the current site 


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  • Posted by JOHN THOMAS on

    I would like info on mini 18 wheeler freight liner and lowboy trailer if you have one.

  • Posted by Spanky on

    Got one of the 40cc 4 stroke mini bikes that needs the wheels, tires, brake discs, axels, rear wheel sprocket, everything that connects to the front forks and the swing arm(?) except for the brake calipers and pads. Maybe these come in a set? Maybe I should be more careful with money at garage sales? Ready to buy if somebody’d just sell it to me but having trouble finding useful info on it. The motors good! Let me ride this 🤬 thing already!!!

  • Posted by Lane on

    Been looking for a wire harness for the 300 cc engine, but haven’t been able to come across one. Any help would be great.

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