6" Tri-Star Minibike Wheel - Build-A-Wheel

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We use this wheel on our Frijole Minibike


  • 6" Aluminum Wheel, 3" wide
  • 5/8" Precision Bearings
  • Bolts and Lock Nuts


  • ADD: Brake Drum / Sprocket #35 60 or 72T (Optional)
  • ADD: Brake Assembly 4-1/2" 5/8" bore (Optional)
Use this wheel on the front or rear. Optionally add a 60 or 72T Sprocket #35 with integrated Brake Drum, and Drum Brake Assembly if needed, to use as a complete rear wheel system on any minibike. Fits 5/8" Axle
INSTALLATION: The split wheel makes mounting the tire a breeze. Simply insert the wheel halves into the tire and bolt the two halves together. The Drum/Sprocket bolts to the wheel with the supplied hardware, then the Brake slips into place. The whole wheel bolts onto a 5/8" Axle.
This beautiful mag style wheel has been used as original equipment by manufacturers like Taco, Rupp, Bonanza on Minibikes for many years. It features a split rim that bolts together for easy installation of the tire. Use as a Compete Rear Wheel system on any minibike