Coleman CT200U 196cc 6.5 hp Replacement Engine for Mini Bike ,Go Kart

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Titan TX200S 6.5hp OHV Powersport Engine has the Sport Tank. 196cc Powersport Engine

TITAN TX200  Equipped with the Side-Fill Gas Tank, a must have for minibikes with limited space. The newer engines like Honda GX200 and Predator 212 are too tall for a minibike, and the gas cap is very tall making fueling difficult. this engine solves the problem without having to install an external gas tank.  

6.5hp Engine, TX200S has the Sport Tank. 196cc Powersport Engine fits our kits, has the correct bolt pattern, and can be used as a replacement engine for most American Gokarts and Minibikes. 6.5hp, Recoil Start, Throttle Cable Hookup for Gokart or Minibike. Performance parts available

OEM Replacement for Baja, TrailMaster 163/196 Mini XRS, Mini XRX, MID XRS, MID XRX, Hammerhead, Manco, Kenbar, Kartco, Carter, Yerf-dog and more.

NOTE: If you are installing this engine on a minibike, this engine is 14.5" tall at the cap. Measure your minibike to make sure it will fit before ordering. If you are ordering this engine for use on one of our minibike kits, there may be an issue whereby the gas cap is difficult to remove. You can just pop off the plastic top on the Gas Cap for easier fueling, or you may need to install an external Minibike Gas Tank. The stock tank can also be removed and installed on the frame in front of the seat using 3 heavy duty zip ties.

PERFORMANCE: The tons of performance parts available can upgrade this engine to an unbelievable 26 Horsepower!    (see below)
  • The engine fits in the minibike and go karts we sell. Also, gas tank may be removed for installation in a custom minibike frame if you are using a separate gas tank.
  • This engine bolts right onto most go karts and mini bikes without any modifications. *3/4" diameter, 2-7/16" long keyed crankshaft. 14-3/4 Height.
  • Centrifugal Clutches and Torque Converters for 3/4" diameter crankshafts will fit this engine.
  • 4 Tapped bolt holes around crankshaft. Our Torq-A-Verter kits will bolt up to this engine. Chain guards, etc...will also bolt to it.
  • Soft pull starter - less pulling effort required to start.
  • Set up with a throttle hookup and return mechanism not found on utility engines.

NOTE: This engine has a manual choke. The manual choke allows the engine to be started more easily under most conditions

Lawn Mower and Utility Engines from other suppliers may cause you to have unwanted problems such as these:
  • They may not have the proper throttle hookup for the throttle cable
  • The crankshaft may be the wrong length and a standard clutch will not fit
  • The side cover may not have a standard bolt pattern for adding chain guards, Torq-a-Verter kits, etc.
  • It may also be completely under-powered because of the RPM range of the engine


Model TX200S
Engine type  4-stroke 25° inclined single cylinder
Bore×Stroke 68mm × 45/mm x 1.77mm
Displacement 196cc
Compression ratio 8.5/1
Horsepower 6.5HP/3600rpm
Max. Torque 10.8Nm/2500rpm
lgnition Non-contact transistorized ignition(TCI)
Starter Recoil hand-operated
Air cleaner Semi-dry, oil bath, dual, double silent cyclon
Fuel tank capacity 3.6 L
Fuel consumption 290g/HP-hour
Engine oil capacity 0.6 L
L:12-3/4", W:11.0", H:14-3/4"
Crankshaft: 3/4" x 2-7/16"
Dry weight 37 lbs
fits our kits, can be used as a replacement engine for most Go Karts and Mini Bikes. 6.5hp, Recoil Start, Throttle Cable Hookup for Go Kart or Mini Bike. CARB APPROVED