GX200 Hop-Up Kit, bolt-on Engine Upgrade for STOCK CARB Honda GX160/200, Titan, Predator

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  EAZY Bolt-On  ENGINE UPGRADE Kit  for your Honda GX120/160/200 (stock carb), Titan TX200S and Predator 212 Engines. Very easy to install, no need to open up engine, all parts are bolt-on, installs in 1 hour

Bump up your Honda GX120/160/200, Titan TX200 or Predator 212 engine to about 11 Horsepower


This kit is for recreational users who are not concerned with racing rules, just want to go fast

 Kit Includes:

  • Choice of Clone Exhaust Header or Fatty Exhaust Header 
  • Angled High Flow Air Filter (Genuine K&N optional)
  • Genuine K&N Pre-Filter w/White Lettering (optional)
  • Decal (with K&N Air Filter upgrade)
  • Billet aluminum Intake Adapter (ARC Adapter optional)
  • Spark Plug
  • Carb Main Jet .035
  • Top Plate
  • Throttle Hook-up Kit

The Standard components include:

  • Standard Angled High Flow Air Filter 
  • Billet aluminum Intake Adapter 

The K&N Upgrades include
  • K&N Angled High Flow Air Filter 
  • K&N Pre-Filter
  • ARC Billet Intake Adapter 
  • Decal



    K&N Fillter, Pre-Filter, ARC Billet Intake Adapter
    Upgrade this kit to the Genuine K&N Filter, Pre-Filter and ARC Billet Intake Adapter shown above

    On a Minibike, if you choose to remove the gas tank, you may wish to install an Engine Top Plate, mainly because it looks better. These plates are used on a race kart to provide throttle linkage and and fuel pump support, which are not used on a minibike, however, you may choose to install just the plate and retain the stock throttle linkage (recommended).

    When upgrading the Stock Intake and Stock Exhaust, you will need to Re-Jet your Carb. You will know you need to Re-Jet if you have to play with the choke to get your engine to run correctly. Remove the floatbowl cover, unscrew and replace the stock Main Jet with a .034, .035. or .036 Main Jet. Kart racers know that .035 usually works the best but your engine may vary. Get the right jet and you will hear your engine run like gangbusters.

    Disclaimer: Performance Parts affect the reliability of your go kart and are designed for racing purposes only. Some machining and/or modifications may be necessary to install performance parts on your particular go kart. Improper installation by an untrained mechanic can result in serious injury of death. Any damages, direct or incidental to a rider or property due to the installation of any performance parts are the responsibility of the purchaser. GokartsUSA makes no warranty as to performance parts, express or implied, including, but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Performance parts are not returnable for any reason. The logos and trademarks of each respective manufacturer belong to each manufacturer and they do not endorse or promote GokartsUSA in any way. GokartsUSA does not make any claim to represent or be endorsed by any of these manufacturers. All performance parts are not road legal! Closed circuit, off-road race, or exhibition use only!