Minibike Tire, 480/400x8 Knobby - for American Racer Minibike Front & Rear, and Little BadAss Rear

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8" STUDDED TIRE Minibike Mini chopper fits our 8" Wheels, 4.6" WIDE, 16.0" OD.

This is the best tire if you have 8" wheels on your minibike. This is the Rear Tire used on the Little BadAss Mini Chopper
  and on the Front and Rear for the American Racer 215 Minibike.

The LBA 5" Drum Brake and Sprocket Bolts onto the 8" wheel. very sweet. wheel sold separately

Wheels for this tire shown below

Download the American Racer Minibike Build Instructions

NOTE: The last number in the tire size is the wheel size. eg. 4,5,6, 8 or 10 inch wheels